Michael Vick Accepts Plea Deal

Posted Aug 20, 2007 by Oliver VanDervoort
Finally arraigned last month on charges stemming from a brutal dog fighting ring who's activities took place at his Georgia home, Vick had maintained his innocence, until 3 co-defendants cut plea deals and severely incriminated the Falcons Quarterback
MSNBC, and are both reporting that talks began after Vick's alleged partners in the dog fighting ring claimed during their own plea deals that not only was Vick aware of the illegal activities, but was intimately involved in carrying out executions of at least 8 of the dogs, and was actually the ringleader of the gambling enterprise that was born from the fighting.
It was only a matter of time before plead out, as the mountain of evidence piled up against him, but the one piece of information that has come out is that Vick might have agreed to a lengthy prison sentence, illustrating just how much time he might have served had the case gone to trial.
Vick's legal team is expected to hold a press conference in the very near future to divulge the specifics of the deal they reached with Federal Prosecutors.
I will bring updates as soon as more details are released