Does Money Grow on ATMs And Not On Trees?

Posted Aug 17, 2007 by M Dee Dubroff
Some people have reason to believe that the proverbial pot of gold is waiting for them at the end of their illusive rainbow, the ATM machine. The only problem is that it’s a mistake, for alas, this windfall is really just a cheap rainfall in disguise.
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An ATM at a truck stop in Mansfield, Louisiana, has been giving out $20 dollar bills instead of $5s. I’ve heard of inflation, but this is ridiculous! Authorities claim they know who has taken the extra $7,000 the machine accidentally spit out. DeSoto Parish sheriff’s Lt. Toni Morris said:
“The automated teller machine has records showing who the 26 people are who received the extra cash during five days in late June and early July. Someone who did not work at the truck stop may have rigged the machine, which keeps records of when the money was taken and by whom.”
A supervisor at Eagle’s Truck Stop, Annette Parker, said she unplugged the machine after overhearing conversations about the excess payments. But she said:
“The next morning when we came back in, someone had plugged it back up.”
Someone may think it’s raining money, but baby, the rain will fall and even press charges against those wet ones who took the money.
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