Life’s tough if you’re just another millionaire in Silicon Valley

Posted Aug 4, 2007 by Paul Wallis
OK. here’s $$$$WEIRD. Those poor bastards in SV are really struggling. It’s hard to sympathize. We have here an article about the kind of priorities and values that have nothing to do with the rest of the world.
This is like Cocoon for financial hypochondriacs.
You have to read this NYT article a couple of times to even try and believe it. The million dollar house with Pacific views, the stock options, the renovations… They’re serious, things really are tough. They work 12 hour days, have been for years, and at least some admit they were lucky, they just went to the right place for a job. Some have been up and down, making and losing a lot of money as the market twitches.
For all this money and expertise, they’re still dumb enough to try keeping up with the Joneses. The million dollar toys, etc…
These are human beings. That’s pretty obvious. They know they’re sealed off from the rest of the world, and say so, in so many words.
But- what the hell are the priorities? “Be a better geek with a lot of money?” These guys read like gamblers, they win and don’t know when to cut and run.
I grew up in a rich neighborhood. One that makes the rich areas in the cities look like chicken coops. I developed a healthy distrust of those places pretty quick. The kids tend to go nuts after a while. Apparently if you haven’t got real problems, you invent them. The parents burn out at some point, usually helped by booze and the endless unavoidable social life which is supposed to be so exciting.
I promise you, sooner or later you get treadmills and lettuce leaves entering into the daily routine. They don’t even seem to recognize it. “Normality”, that terrible poison, has struck.
Silicon Valley sounds like the first successful creation of a perfect social vacuum.