The Zippo Camera Lighter: Is Taking Pictures Hazardous To Your Health?

Posted Aug 3, 2007 by M Dee Dubroff
Read all about the new Zippo Camera Lighter. It does not light up those verboten cigarettes, but does succeed in illuminating your secret world after you develop pictures taken from unsuspecting images and develop them. Spies everywhere, beware.
Remember those old James Bond movies where headlights changed into bayonets and cars flew to safety? Well, even if you were among the elite who always knew James Bond and his license to kill would never die, he is back in town in his own special way, thanks to the cold and very creative hand of modern technology.!
You may lose some friends and make new enemies if you use the Zippo Camera Lighter (a company that was probably losing business due to the cowards among us who have given up the tobacco weed). Ideal for those discrete snaps that no one in their right mind would ever pose for, invasion of privacy lawsuits may prove to be the intangible fringe benefit you will glean from being the very first nincompoop on your block to own the Zippo Camera Lighter. This spy camera comes with a photo timer and continuous shooting functions. (This means that even after you are discovered and tying to escape from an irate subject, the camera will still shoot!)
The Zippo Camera Lighter has an internal memory of about 64 MB, which means that it can produce 100 pictures at 320X240 or 30 pictures around 640X480. (The memory, however, of the person whose picture you are taking without permission might prove to be a bit longer and sharper in more ways than one.) The Zippo Camera Lighter is the perfect gadget for the spy who lives deep with us all but doesn’t dare to come out (for fear that a neighbor seeking reprisal might own the very same camera).
Uploading pictures from the Zippo Camera Lighter couldn’t be easier and the camera is USB compatible. Retrieving photos is very simple once the included software is installed. One side of the cord plugs into the Zippo Camera Lighter and the other goes into the USB port. With the included software you have the options of printing, formatting, copying, archiving and manipulating your photos.
The Zippo Camera Lighter, which costs about $30.00, comes equipped with a digital camera, software CD, USB cable and a user’s manual. The main complaint made by reviewers is that the packaging is weak, but there were none about the operations of the Zippo Camera Lighter. Technology has made major strides since the days when incorporating a camera into a cell phone was news (not so long ago).
The Zippo Camera Lighter
is the perfect gift for the former smoker and current spy who still needs something constructive to do with his or her hands. Smoking is still hazardous to your health. The question remains: is the Zippo Camera Lighter hazardous to your health? The answer remains to be seen among the going rate for extortion and blackmail, and the reactions of those whose pictures have been taken without permission.
Buy and have fun at your own risk. (Don’t you always?)