Talking iPhone Translator Application

Posted Aug 1, 2007 by Chris V. Thangham Talking iPhone Translator is a language translator tailored for iPhone users, where they can convert five different languages to English and as well hear the phrases spoken via iPhone Speakers.
Apple iPhone
Apple iPhone
There are number of applications being developed for iPhone but also can be used for many mobile phones including Treo, Blackberry, and other devices. Since iPhone doesn’t have many applications built in, third party programmers are developing online applications, so the users can access it anywhere without downloading the program.
This program, Talking iPhone Translator helps speak 6 different languages including English. It contains many essential phrases that you can communicate with the locals when you travel. This translator will help you to pronounce the phrase as well, so one doesn’t make a mistake saying the phrases. The iPhone speaker plays the sounds of these phrases.
Clicking the "Talking Phrase Books" link will lead to the following languages page.
The languages offered are, German, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, French and English. The translations are available only in English, not the other language translations, for the others one has to access Google Translator or Babel translator if you want to translate French to German for example. This is a rudimentary translator but it is a good start.
To access the Talking iPhone Translator click If you don’t have an iPhone you can see how it works here, but there are no sounds in the computers only in iPhones.