Human Ashes Cause Airport Bomb Scare

Posted Jul 16, 2007 by RobotGod

That's right, another Scare-port story. This time it was human ashes that caused an evacuation of a Miami airport. I suppose they thought the ashes were some sort of Genie Terrorist that would grant 3 terrible wishes to the Taliban.
So many threats, so little brains. These are scary days when you can go into any airport and find an 8 year old(See my last story) or worse human ashes.
It was a simple box containing a watch, the ashes and some other stuff that probably scared them, like socks.
"It was a collection of items that, in total, raised our officers' suspicions to a level of contacting the Miami-Dade (County police) bomb squad," White said.
Yeah, because a wide array of items are so new to your job, right?
This foiled terror plot caused a delay for six flights, and affected 2,000 passengers.
Thank God we are being protected.