Jessica Simpson Keepin’ Them Real

Posted Jul 16, 2007 by S.H. Mills,2933,288655,00.html

Well, this is news: With everything else going on in the world today, this important fact is sure to make everyone feel more informed: Jessica Simpson has revealed that she has real breasts.
Jessica Simpson recently told a friend who is a designer “my boobs are real.” She said she might decide to get a lift as she gets older. Currently, she is sporting real, untouched (in the medical sense) breasts.
When it comes to her golden locks (or her sometimes golden locks) nature may have been sidestepped. In the boob department however, she’s the real deal. Congratulations Ms. Simpson. Oh, and thanks for sharing.
Simpson fans might also be interested in learning that the pop star has set her sights on doing a country album. She says it’s her roots and that she “aspires to be like Patsy Kline.”
Jessica Simpson is a talented performer and she's sure to wow her fans with a new style (and even with new breasts if it ever comes to that).