8-Year-Old Shows Up On No-Fly Terrorist List

Posted Jul 15, 2007 by RobotGod

His name popped up on a no-fly list and airlines have banned him from flight for fear he may be a terrorist. Mom was shocked when he could not fly home from seeing her sister.
Foto courtesy of GLA
Foto courtesy of GLA
Poor kid was nervous and had not flown before. He sure did not need this.
"They almost got me scheduled in and then the lady just bowed her head and said, 'We cant get you on this plane, you're a terrorist,'" Bryan said.
That woman is what we call an idiot Bryan. You will meet alot of them.
And so he was a threat to Homeland Security. Just like that.
"He's not a security risk, he's not going to blow up that plane and ya know, all he wants to do is get home and see mom. To me there was no human factor in that consideration," Bryan's step-dad Harlen Fletcher said.
Exactly. They could have used their common sense.(That word comes up alot in my articles Bryan. It's for the idiots)
More proof that our government has about a second grade intelligence level.
Stupid is as stupid does...They just do way too damn much of it.