What is The Secret Solution to Global Warming? Build Soil

Posted Jun 28, 2007 by Bob Ewing

If we change how we grow our food and switch to organic, no till agriculture we can not only combat global climate change we can reduce our health care costs as we reduce the incidence of disease through healthy eating.
Organic, no-till agriculture can combat climate change. Research conducted by the Rodale Institute has demonstrated that sustainably farmed soil will absorb 30% more carbon than conventional, industrial agriculture will.
By switching our agriculture methods to organic, no-till ones it is possible to cut greenhouses emissions by 10% in the United States and 20 % in Canada and the rest for the World.
This video provides the details on how this is possible. In addition, the video which is hosted by Canadian farmer Percy Schmeiser, who may be best known for his battle with the corporate giant Monsanto, also discusses how we can tackle health issues such as obesity through changing how we grow our food. Healthy soil, healthy food, healthy people.