Sonic, a Hedgehog that advances with the generations

Posted Jun 21, 2007 by Aaron Robson

Who was that character that was first introduced to the world in the early 90's? It was Sonic. Sonic made is first dash onto the Sega, but as time moved on, so did Sonic. Now Sonic is as explosive as ever except on the PSP, doing what he does best.
Sonic is the blue one.
Sonic is the blue one.
When was the last real time that Sonic was noticed for his super amazing speeds and his red and white sneakers? Recent games including the blue delight have been based on the idea of guns, explosions and super powers. These are the things that destroyed the image of Sonic.
But now, Sonic is back to try and earn his respect through the PSP, doing what he used to do best, and that is just to run. The sequel to the first Sonic Rivals (Sonic racing game for PSP, less noticed) is currently in development, and this game has been planned to pack a punch.
Sonic Rivals 2 is set to make up for what the first game lacked. More levels, more characters, new modes, and mini games. This game is going to be a game to play with others (thanks to Wi-Fi feature, only one UMD is needed to play with others).
So, the last real time we saw Sonic racing across the screen collecting rings was way back when his character consisted of 16-bits, lets see what he can do now.