Steele Is Facing A court Martial

Posted Jun 18, 2007 by KJ Mullins§ionid=351020201

He let them use his cell phone. Amid several charges facing Lt. Col. William H. Steele that is the one that could bring him the death penalty. The Prince George, Va. officer has been held since March for a general court martial.
Steele was commander of the 451st Military Police Detachment at Camp Cropper prison and in his later post as a senior patrol officer at nearby Camp Victory with the 89th Military Police Brigade.
During the tour of duty that his charges stem from the 51-year-old Army reservist worked in the prison that held Iraqi dictator Saddam.
He has been charged with a laundry list of offenses.
fraternized with a detainee's daughter
used his service pistol to intimidate tower guards
improperly stored classified information
inappropriate relationship with a female interpreter
failing to obey orders
possessing steamy videos
allowing detainees at an Iraqi prison to use his cell phone to make unmonitored calls
Steele also had given approval for Cuban cigars to be bought for Saddam.
The army had the option to not take any actions in the matter, to dismiss some or all of the charges or go for a full court martial. They choose to go for the court martial.
If given the court martial Steele could face the death penalty.