World's Largest Tidal Turbine To Be Installed, 1.2 MegaWatts

Posted Jun 14, 2007 by Chris V. Thangham

Marine Current Turbines plans to install the World's largest SeaGen Tidal Turbine, 1.2 MW capacity in August. This turbine alone will power more than 1000 homes. They are planning to install more turbines and generate 500MW by 2015.
SeaGen Tidal Turbine  Ref:
SeaGen Tidal Turbine, Ref:
A company called Marine Current Turbines will be installing a 1.2 megawatt tidal turbine off the coast of Northern Ireland in August.
This SeaGen turbine will be the World’s largest tidal current device. With just one turbine alone it will generate electricity for approximately 1,000 homes. The model shown here is a prototype and they have plans to produce more of it on a large scale an install near the coastal area in UK.
These rotors are similar to a ship’s propeller but rotate slowly about 10 to 20 revolutions per minute, which is ten times slower than a ship’s propeller speed.
Since they are installed in the sea, one might feel concerned about its impact on marine creatures; the designers for these turbines say they are safe to operate in the seas. The risk of impact from SeaGen rotor blades is small, because the marine creatures that swim in strong currents tend to be agile, and can avoid slow-moving underwater obstructions.
In the near future, these turbines with a power rating between 750 to 1500 kilowatts will be installed in seas in rows, where the sea currents are strong. It will be similar to the installation of wind turbines in wind farms.
SeaGen Tidal Turbine prototype, Ref:
Commenting on the future prospects for tidal current energy, Martin Wright, Managing Director of Marine Current Turbines said once the SeaGen is installed and operated successfully in the sea, they will extend it by adding more turbines. They have plans to develop a commercial tidal farm of up to 10MW in UK seas within the next three years. They believe they can extend it up to 500MW by 2015 based on this new SeaGen technology.
As long it doesn’t harm marine life, then they should do this more. Any renewable energy source is good for the Earth and environment. Hope other countries embrace this technology the same.