Convicted Child Molester Allowed to Work With Children

Posted Jun 13, 2007 by TARE

A man convicted of a number of sex offences against children was welcomed to volunteer and spent Saturday with 60 children. He thinks people are making a mountain out of a mole hill.
Even though organizers knew about his criminal past, convicted child molester Wendall Haines was welcome to volunteer with underprivileged children at an all day event in Hamilton this weekend.
According to the Hamilton Spectator, an organizer said he'd heard "some rumours and innuendo" about Haines. In spite of that, and Haines' claim that most members of the Experimental Aircraft Association knew about his criminal history, no one asked for a criminal background check and he was permitted to spend the day with sixty children.
Haines claimed that even the court allowed him to have contact with children after his convictions on six counts of sexual interference on children aged 6 to 12. He said he was permitted to continue to volunteer as an air cadets leader. Haines was not sentenced to jail time for his crimes. It's not uncommon for those convicted of sex offences against children to never see the inside of a jail cell.
A number of the original convictions stem from sex crimes against children on a school bus that Haines was driving in Stoney Creek. He was also convicted related to the molestation of a child he'd babysat.
Wendall Haines claims he poses no risk to children. He says the reason he pleaded guilty was to save the children from going through a trial.
Is he saying he did not commit those crimes and that he lied to the court to save people who were falsely accusing him? It's amazing what people expect us to believe.
The fact that Haines still does not take responsibility for his criminal and profoundly harmful behaviour and that he continues to seek out activity that would put him in contact with children is as much or more cause for concern than the fact that he has convictions for such crimes.
The fact that some people are so incredibly ignorant when it comes to dealing with sex offenders and protecting our children only adds to the concerns of the rest of us.
Haines told Hamilton Spectator reporter Natalie Pona, "People make a mountain out of a molehill ... I did nothing wrong."