Object of NASA love triangle no longer an astronaut

Posted May 27, 2007 by Steve in the UK

Space shuttle pilot William Oefelein, the NASA astronaut involved in the love triangle which ended with fellow astronaut Lisa Nowak arrest has been discharged from NASA astronaut corps and will return to active duty in the US Navy.
42 year old Oefelein who last flew in the shuttle in December 2006, after being selected to the astronaut corps in June 1998 will be assigned to the Navy's Network Warfare Command in Norfolk, Va. It will be a non flying post but is still space related as it involves military space communications.
Officials said on Friday that it was a mutual agreement between the military and the space agency, but did not say anything about whether Oefelein option of his move. Although Oefelein was notified of the transfer last Wednesday.
Although Oefelein is not facing any criminal charges the Navy is said to be planning to review his part in the events leading up to Nowak's arrest once he reports for duty on June 1.
Oefelein, who is divorced, and Nowak, who is married but separated from her husband, had shared a long-running intimate relationship, according to an investigation by Orlando police. Oefelein and Nowak have declined numerous requests for interviews since Nowak's arrest.
Nowak is facing charges of kidnapping and burglary with an assault and her trail is scheduled for late September.
Nowak was discharged by NASA from the astronaut corps, and returned to the Navy where she is currently assigned to a base in Corpus Christi.