Moscow TV tower catches fire... again

Posted May 26, 2007 by Steve in the UK,,2-10-1462_2119122,00.html

Its the third time that the 540 meter (1,770ft) tall Ostankino television tower in Moscow, Russia has caught fire. The tower, one of the tallest free-standing structures in Europe, first caught fire in 2000,and then again in 2005
Ostankino TV-tower  Moscow
Ostankino TV-tower, Moscow
Russia's Emergencies Ministry, Yevgeny Bobylev, said that the tower caught fire at 07:45 GMT up on a balcony at the 340 meter (1,115 ft) level. Fifteen fire crews where sent to the tower as the crews needed extra support to help get equipment up the stairs to the level of the fire due to the lifts being out of action.
Although the fire is on the outside of the building and no smoke had got inside the tower had still be evacuated. Its believed that a faulty cable or heater was the cause.
This seems to be only a minor fire and there was no reports of any injuries. Three people died during the 2000 fire which also knock out the television signal for the Moscow area for several weeks. The current fire had not affected television reception.