Family defends Australia's Big Brother death secret

Posted May 26, 2007 by Steve in the UK

24 year old Australia's Big Brother contestant, Emma Cornell, has not been told of the death of her estranged father after he had asked for her not to be told until she had finished her stay in the BB house.
BB Australia
BB Australia
Emma's family stated that 53 year old Raymond had been fighting cancer for a considerable amount of time and that Emma knew going into the house that he may not life to see her exit. The shows producers said that they would support the family's decision, Emma's brother Matt posted a letter on the BB website where he said that their father was "adamant and clear in expressing this request" for Emma not to be told if he died, he also asked that his death be kept private and away from the publicity that surrounds BB.
Although BB them self have tried to honor his wish, the news of his death and Emma not being told had been leaked by someone much to the annoyance of the family.
BB Aus 2007 Contestants
BB Aus 2007 Contestants
The contestants know going into the house that they will be shielded from all news and contact with the outside world during there stay.
Matt said that the family had reassured Emma before she entered the house that grieving for her father after she exited the house would be no less meaningful. Her father had watched her on television every night since she first entered the house, and said that he was proud of how she had handled herself on the show, and had even heckled her rivals.
Although some critics have said that Emma should have been told of her father's death, they do not know either Emma, her Father or the family, if his death had been sudden then yes she should and probably would have been told. But Emma and her family, and also I would hope the producers, knew that this may happen during her stay so why are people so shocked that she hasn't been told?
Emma  BB Aus 2207
Emma, BB Aus 2207
The family should get use to the publicity as Emma will be appearing in mens magazine Zoo Weekly next week, it won't be the first time Emma has appeared in a mens mags. She has appeared a number of times in Ralph and on the back of a deck of cards wearing just a bikini.
Big Brother producers said they would stand by the family's request regardless of public concerns, assuring critics and viewers that Emma would not be told of her father's death on camera. BB Australia's Website HERE
Official BB Australia website HERE