Man accused of burning baby in microwave

Posted May 16, 2007 by Brandigal (Donna)

A 19 year old Arkansas man put his 2-month-old daughter in a microwave and turned it on.
A young man was recently accused of burning his two-month old in the microwave.
A young man was recently accused of burning his two-month old in the microwave.
Joshua Mauldin, 19, has been charged with with injury to a child causing serious bodily harm and bond was set at $250,000.
If found guilty he could be sentenced from 5 to 99 years and get a fine of $10,000.
The 2 month old baby had 3rd degree burns to the left side of her face and left hand and was taken to the Shriners Burns Hospital in Galveston where doctors are attempting skin-graft surgery.
May 10, 911 received a call from Mauldin. He claimed his baby was burned in the hotel that he and his wife and mother were staying at. He claimed he tripped while carrying a pot of hot water to make coffee. The mother and wife were not there. They had been out picking up dinner at a restaurant.
After investigating, the police said the injuries were not consistent with the story. They believe she was placed in the microwave for 10 to 20 seconds.
Mauldin claims God ordered him to go to Galveston.
Police say the child had injuries indicating other attacks but could not comment as that investigation is still being conducted. He has a criminal background charge of third-degree battery and a new one last month of charge of violation of a protective order. Both of those crimes were against the mother of the baby.
I hope this man never gets out of jail or a mental hospital. He is insane. How could he do this to an innocent baby. Knowing that he had a violent temper, as a mother I would not leave my child with him. Not sure why the mother of the baby was there with him if there was a protective order against him.