Teen shoots himself with hammer

Posted May 15, 2007 by patxxoo;_ylt=AtF.FASuRdWHzgLh7WLEZlEuQE4F

18-year old Damion Mosher of New York, decided he wanted to make a little extra money by selling scrap brass shell casings. He got more than he bargained for.
L-R: .223  .30-06   .50 caliber
L-R: .223, .30-06 , .50 caliber
Damion decided to sell scrap brass casings to a recycling company. The only problem was the bullets were still live.
So to discharge them he puts a bullet into a steel vise, clamps it down, places a screwdriver on the primer, and proceeds to strike to screwdriver with a hammer.
Somehow he manages to go through approximately 100 .223-caliber rounds before he shot himself. The police are not sure if it was a ricochet that hit him or a direct shot.
The bullet ended up in his abdomen about half an inch. He was treated at a local hospital and released.
Luckily the other rounds Mosher had fired "fizzled" because there was no gun barrel to focus the charge and propel the slug. But the one that injured Mosher was somehow sent with enough force to penetrate his body.
He managed to accumulate a few pounds of scrap before the incident. At $1.70 a pound I don't think he will have quite enough to cover the hospital bill. Hopefully he will find a safer way of making money.