Afghans Try to Bring Buddha Statues Back From the Rubble

Posted May 13, 2007 by paigemom

The two tallest standing Buddhas in the world , the famous "Buddhas of Bamiyan," were blown up by the Taliban in 2003. Now Afghan authorities want to out them back together.
This announcement came even as the Taliban tries to re-establish itself in Afghanistan.
The two Buddha statues were approximately 1,500 years old when the Taliban ordered them to be blown away with dynamite, then shelled.
“It was a really a hard time not just for me and for my colleagues but also for the Afghan people seeing those beautiful monuments turn into rubble,” Omara Masoudi Director Kabul Museum said.
Ever since the statues were destroyed, archeologists and restoration experts have been trying to catalogue thousands of fragments from the giant destroyed statues. They say it's like trying to assemble the world's largest jigsaw puzzle
Bamiyan's governor Habiba Sarabi says that the experts are still trying to figure out how to rebuild the Buddha statues, but she wants them back. Sarabi is the only woman governor in Afghanistan.
“For the small Buddha statue there are one and half thousand pieces but for the large one there are more that three thousand pieces. Putting them back together is going to be hard but very professional work. We are optimistic, definitely,” she said.