Guardian Unlimited Gets New Look

Posted May 10, 2007 by JGStewart

Popular on-line news destination Guardian Unlimited unveiled its new look today.
The website, run by the Guardian Newspaper, features wider pages, increased use of pictures and greater flexibility of presentation.
"The wider pages allow us to feature more news and different, dramatic layouts as the news agenda changes throughout the day," said Guardian Editor-in-Chief Emily Bell. "We will not be wedded to the fixed story and picture positions of more conventional sites - and we want to offer users the best possible gateway into the full depth of our award-winning content."
The website re-design is part of an 18 month re-development of Guardian Unlimited, a process that will affect every part of the website's development.
"Above all, we aim for a simple and usable design which makes your experience of Guardian Unlimited easier, more intuitive and more enjoyable," said creative editor Mark Porter.
Initial reaction to the new site has been mixed.
"Absolutely incredibly beautiful. As beatiful as your print edition now," said one comment. Another commentator, apparently happy with the status quo, said, "Looks rubbish, change it back".
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