The Miracle of Kiwifruit: The Health Benefits You Never Knew

Posted Apr 30, 2007 by Lisa Angotti

Kiwifruit may not be one of your first choices when it comes to buying fruit, but when you read this you might think again.
I had to share this with you because I just discovered it myself.
You may be familiar with Kiwifruit, or maybe not. Not the flightless bird, but the fruit. They're the little green fruits you sometimes find in salads. They're very sweet and have a cute little ring of seeds around the center of them. You don't eat the skin.. I don't think.
But I discovered that these little fruits are more than just cute and sweet. They can deliver soothing relief to the uncomfortable feeling of acid indigestion after a heavy meal or any time. I just had a bad reaction to some medicine, so about an hour ago I ate a kiwifruit. It provided an instant cooling sensation as I felt my stomach start to settle. Realizing that the wonderful enzymes in the fruit were doing their job, I ate another fruit and within an hour felt completely better. Next time you grab for an antacid, try a kiwi instead. I have successfully served as your guinea pig.
What's more... Kiwifruit are also high in Vitamin C, niacin and Vitamin E, making them an excellent choice of food for the common cold. Even better, they're high in potassium and crude fiber. Excellent!
They are also useful for those with hypertension / high blood pressure. It's because of the massive amounts of potassium they contain. So, next time you grab for a potassium-filled banana, reach beyond your comfort zone and grab a kiwifruit instead.
This information came from the book Heinerman's New Encyclopedia of Fruits and Vegetables by John Heinerman. I just bought this book and it is absolutely wonderful for anyone interested in nutrition, and anyone who is tired of gulping down pills to treat various ailments. This book has solutions for EVERYTHING from diabetes, high blood pressure, headaches, nausea, baldness, kidney problems, sinus problems, heat problems, obesity, migraines and more. I bought the book used (but in new condition) from for only $4. It goes for $18 in stores.