KFC Spuds are Real Duds: Warning Labels to Appear on Potatoes

Posted Apr 25, 2007 by Lisa Angotti

Toxic potatoes anyone? Kentucky Fried Chicken and several other restaurants are accused of serving food with cancer-causing chemicals. Now customers in California will be warned.
A lawsuit filed in Los Angeles has apparently been settled, and now Kentucky Fried Chicken must warn consumers regarding its toxic potatoes.
KFC agreed to display warnings on its packaging of suspicious spuds that inform customers about a cancer-causing chemical its potatoes contain. The problem is acrylamide, the result of a chemical reaction when food endures high heat.
More than a dozen companies including PepsiCo, McDonald's, Frito Lay, Wendy's and Burger King were named in the 2005 lawsuit for not adhering to California state legislation, Proposition 65, which requires companies to warn consumers about toxic chemicals.
KFC will reportedly pay $340,000 in penalties and support for furthering the proposition. Although a settlement has been reached, it still needs judge approval.