The Newest UFO Sightings

Posted Apr 24, 2007 by Debra Myers

It seems that there has been a lot of UFO activity happening around North America since the beginning if April. These are sightings that may or may not have been investigated.
The most recent sightings have been as far North as Toronto, Canada but the date is not specific as to what day this month this occurred. A man says that he was in his hotel room and it was raining when he noticed a green light. He said that it remained in one place for a time then was gone, and in its place was a red light. However the red light was a little higher in the air than the green one had been. Unfortunately, his camera was in for repairs, but he did have with him a pair of binoculars. It helped him to see the lights better, but was unable to give a description as to what the shape was that housed the lights.
On I-90, heading for Buffalo, a man and his wife were driving different cars, when they saw 2 UFOs in a cloud. The man saw an object drop down from the cloud and make a "reverse J-shaped move back into the cloud". He called back to his wife on his cell phone, but she had already witnessed the same thing. The man is an airplane buff and said neither were planes.
April 6th: In Montana, on a drive home from the Bear Paw Mountains, a mother and daughter also witnessed UFO activity. They saw an unusual object that looked fire-like. They stopped to watch and the object split into two, and the two objects went in different directions, then came back and made itself into one again. At the same time, the vehicle's electrical system shut down, then after the object was gone, their vehicle returned to normal.
April 10th: A witness was watching two objects approach from the South. At first, they were side by side then were flying from horizon to horizon at 90% angles in 7 seconds.
April 12th: A man's girlfriend called him to look at something that resembled a star in the sky, but it was green, red and white. They said it was shaped like a shield but moved very little.
I've never had the fortune to see anything like this, but it must be something a bit scary to see. The sighting near Buffalo is the closest sighting I've heard from around this area where I eyes will be watching the skies!