Men Accidentally Page Police Instead of Dealer

Posted Apr 19, 2007 by Chris V. Thangham

Two Drug dealers contact police instead of a dealer.
Two men were setting up a drug deal and called their contacts to say the deal is taking place. The men apparently punched in 911 at the end of the Pager call to emphasize the importance of the transaction. Since 911 calls are free and routed directly to Emergency and Police, and no one answered the return call, the police went there to investigate.
When the officer arrived at the location to check the source of the call, he saw two men near the pay phone and a parked car. The officer when doing a routine check of the license plate found the vehicle was stolen. The Officer then searched the car, he found several suspicious instruments such as bolt cutters, saws, and a shaved ignition key used to steal cars.
Now these two men can call their contacts from the prison and tell them the deal won't take place as arranged.