Man charged after boy burned

Posted Apr 18, 2007 by Brandigal (Donna)

An Innisfil boy suffered serious burns to his legs early Sunday morning while his caregiver was in bed drunk.
A 43 year old man from Innisfil, Ontario was charged with criminal negligence and failing to provide the necessities of life after a 10 year old boy he was suppose to be watching was burned.
The man was watching his 10 year old son and two other 10 year old boys. He started drinking and went to bed. The boys decided to make a fire in the backyard when his son received 2nd degree burns to his legs.
911 was called by the boys around 2:15 am and when police arrived the man told them everything was alright.
They heard the 10 year old boy crying in the house saying there was a problem. Once police checked him out, they found he was suffering from severe 2nd degree burns to his legs. The boys used gasoline to try and make the fire bigger.
This man was drunk in bed and had no idea what happened. He has been released on bail and will appear in court on May 10th.
I am glad the boy will be OK. It could have been a lot worse.