Breast milk used to lose weight ?

Posted Apr 13, 2007 by patxxoo

Woohoo what a discovery. But it's breast milk. No, it's a protein found in breast milk, that was turned into a pill and used in a study.
During a thirteen year study doctors ran across some unexpected results.
They had been researching lactoferrin witch is found in body fluids highest of concentration is located in breast milk.
Breast milk (or lactoferrin) has been known for years to provide immunity in newborns.
They were researching to see if Lactoferrin could be used to fight gum disease. and also to see if it could be used to stop the outbreak of cancer.
They were testing employees and it was noticed when a heavier person began noticeably losing weight. So they started to research it further and three years later they had compiled enough data to suggest that it does indeed cause weight loss. They say it cuts visceral fat levels by up to 40 percent in some cases.
They are highly excited and they plan to commercialize the lactoferrin as a weight loss mechanism.
There is an old saying that the easy way to riches is to develop a medicine to end baldness or one to eliminate fat.
"Up until now there have only been minor successes in both fields and no really major developments.
And how many different diet products are on the market? What like millions.
So I'm just a little sceptical.