Liar: Meet the woman behind the Duke case

Posted Apr 12, 2007 by bobSP

Now that the case has been dropped, and the Duke players' names and likenesses have been dragged through the mud, I figure it's time for the world to meet Crystal Gail Mangum.
Crystal Gail Mangum
Crystal Gail Mangum
Earlier today, North Carolina Attorney General Roy Cooper proclaimed that all of the charges had been dropped against the Duke lacrosse players. During his announcement, he made a few (apt) assessments of the woman in question: she made up stories and may have actually believed the stories herself.
The woman's claims were contradicted (according to Cooper) by the bulk of the evidence found by the investigators. This fact lends itself to be used as ammo for those who question DA Nifong's judgment. The man, in the face of overwhelming evidence, refused to stop prosecuting (read: persecuting) these young men.
Cooper rapped up his statements by saying that it wouldn't be in the best interests of Justice to prosecute this woman for her malicious lies that have forever sullied the names of the those three lacrosse players.
I beg to differ, so here's her picture..spread the word, she deserves the bad press.