Suicidal? Self Loathing? Or simply sitting in the dark eating bon bons?

Posted Apr 11, 2007 by mobrown78

You think your life sucks? The website "" is your outlet. No insurance or coinsurance necessary.
Everyone gets depressed sometimes. Some manage to shake it off, some don't. The website sheds light to justifiable reasons to end it all. This online blog allows users to rant, rave or commit to ending it all. Some notable topics: Herpes, psychosis, or just being damned ugly.
I can barely sleep - Miami, FL, Age 26
After losing three jobs in a row I am currently unemployed. I have had anxiety/panic/depression for 5 years, causing thousands of dollars in medical bills, and destroying my credit. I flunked out of college. I am extremely overweight. I chain smoke. I have high cholesterol, high amounts of fat in blood and diabetes. I get constant infections everywhere from the diabetes. My skin is covered with zits. I have no friends, I have no girlfriend, my car is on its last leg. My eyesight is crap and can barely see out of my left eye. I have chest pains every night. My whole family is virtually broke, I am virtually broke. I have attempted suicide more times than I care to remember. I cry when I sleep, I have anxiety shakes when I am awake. I can barely sleep 3 hours a night. I have real bad stomach pains due to Irritable Bowel Syndrome. The loneliness is unbearable at times. Sometimes I go to public areas and watch happy people, and dream of their lives. I am too scared to die now, but do not want to live anymore.
If you ever come to the point where you think your life sucks and there is no end in sight, check out this site. Guiltily, you will find yourself giggling yourself out of the rut.