Man Falls From Speeding Ambulance Caught On Tape

Posted Apr 11, 2007 by Michelle Duffy

In this pretty shocking video caught on a CCTV camera in a tunnel in Moscow, we see a man fall out of an ambulance
As a speeding ambulance tears through a brightly lit tunnel in Moscow, Russia, it drops a vital item which was once on board - the patient.
A great speed, through the three lane tunnel, the man, quite in vision of the camera, falls out of the back and appears to lie motionless for a few minutes in the middle of the busy, fast tunnel.
It is a wonder that no on coming cars and trucks hit him as he lies in the middle of the road.
Eventually three trucks slow down to an attempt to stop the rest of the traffic in a rolling road block situation. The man then staggers along the road and collapses at the side of the tunnel for safety.
An ambulance then approaches the man to help him up and take him to hospital and the man is safe.
We wonder if it is the same ambulance which dropped him in the first place....