MP's Are Asked: Which One Of You Lot Said They Could Sell Their Stories?

Posted Apr 11, 2007 by Michelle Duffy

As the UK government find themselves in a tighter corner over the hostage release of 15 marines - they are being asked, who exactly told them to sell their stories?
Brit soldier Faye Turney talks about being captured by Iran
Brit soldier Faye Turney talks about being captured by Iran
The Government has today, been warned that they must deliver exact information as to which MP's gave the MOD the go ahead for the 15 released marines to sell their stories to the press.
In a bid for the government to 'come clean,' it has been asked how long did Prime Minister Tony Blair know about the go ahead before the rest of the country.
It has proved to be yet another chance for the Conservative party to thrown stones at the government as Blair comes to the end of his term in office. The Tories have said of the whole affair as being of "ministerial incompetence" and have accused Blair of shunning the forces for political spin, instead.
The Secretary for Defence, Mr Des Browne is the one who has the finger pointed at him right now. He is having to stand accused to allowing the Navy to sell their stories about the 13 day ordeal in Iran. The decision has since seen anger come from all sides including families of soldiers who have been killed since to the beginning of the war.
Members of the military and MP's have scorned Browne for using the hostage situation as a dangerous tactic which will now put forces out in the Middle east in jeopardy causing hype amongst the troops still there and quashing the trust that certain groups in Iran have with the UK. Blair is still not coming forward with an explanation at this point.
"What's important now is to look at this and look at these situations, to recognise the world in which we are operating in terms of the media and the vast sums of money involved," said a spokeswoman for Number 10.