Cockatoo tries to hatch bowl of chocolate eggs

Posted Apr 10, 2007 by kurtrat

A cockatoo at Nuneaton and Warwickshire Wildlife Sanctuary in Britain has been protecting a bowl of chocolate eggs ever since she saw them two weeks ago.
Another kind of Easter story. Pippa the cockatoo's owner Geoff Grewcock said: "She went straight over, climbed on the creme eggs and that was it. She thinks they're her eggs. Until she clicks they're not real eggs, we'll just leave her there."
The cockatoo has been at the sanctuary for about four years; she is 17 now and is expected to live until the age of 70.
Grewcock said the cockatoo is very protective. "She picked an egg up and threw it at a photographer with her beak as if to say 'leave my eggs alone. They're mine.'
"She's got so much character it's unbelievable. She hates men--we've had a builder in who had his neck bitten. We had to prise Pippa's beak off his neck."
Grewcock said that she attacks people's ear lobes and joked: "We do free ear piercing here."
He describes her as "comical." The story made me sad, however. I don't know, maybe I'm just a sucker. I can't bear the thought of her sitting on those chocolate eggs waiting for them to hatch, if that is what she is indeed doing. If she thought they were real eggs, would she really throw one at the photographer? I don't know much about bird psychology, I'm afraid.
Perhaps Pippa is tired of paparazzi.