Man Sees Image of Jesus on Footstool

Posted Apr 9, 2007 by Owen Weldon

It's the holiest weekend on the Christian calendar and a bizarre sighting is confirming one man's faith. Roberto Colon, 46, claims he can see the image of Jesus Christ on a wooden footstool.
Colon says starting bids can be between $100,000 all the way up to half a million dollars for a footstool that he believes you can see the image of Jesus Christ. He claims that a vision of Christ had come to him on Saturday morning when something made him look into the hallway and that is when he saw the vision. His wife has also claimed that her husband is right and that she has also seen the image as well. He now believes that the timing of the event has inspired him to share his vision. As for now he will keep the footstool but he has not ruled out an eBay auction. The man also lives on a street called Church street.