Book Review- Anna Maxted's - A Tale of Two Sisters

Posted Apr 6, 2007 by queenbee88

Two sisters living very different lives must learn to heal themselves and their relationship.
A Tale of Two Sisters, by Anna Maxted- The story of two sisters,obviously, Lizbet and Cassie. They live two very different lives in London, one successful and beautiful, getting what she thinks she wants out of life. The other a trifle silly, living with her boyfriend in a home they can no longer afford. Sounds like standard chick-lit fare right? It is and it isn't.
I finished reading this book a week ago and walked away from it truly satisfied. What started out as a witty novel ends up tackling some pretty weighty issues. One sister suffers a miscarriage, the other a failed marriage and trouble conceiving. There are family secrets, blossoming relationships, mother/daughter issues, and things in need of desperate repair. I found this book funny, smart and at times crushingly sad. This is my first Anna Maxted book and I'm in love. Her depth of characters and ease in which she divides the book chapter by chapter with the sisters voices and perspectives is smooth and complete. I am now a Maxted fan. Her characters are nicely defined and I love her sarcastic styling. It's less fluff than your average chick-lit read and to me that is decidely a good thing.