Fugitive in Deadly FBI Shootout Apprehended

Posted Apr 6, 2007 by Tar De Moutonnoir

The last of the three bank robbery suspects involved in an altercation with federal agents has been captured by state police after a tip-off from the public.
Francisco Herrera-Genao was captured early this morning after fleeing through a nearby forest following the confrontation. He was found shirtless and shoeless behind a local motel next to a small house off Route 22. Police were responding to a call from a woman who saw a suspicious looking man fitting the police description near her home:
Beverly Hardon was leaving her driveway for work when a man began banging on her car, she told WNBC-TV New York, her voice quivering as she spoke. "He started hitting on my window, trying to get in my car," Hardon said. "I went so fast up that driveway."
Police officers isolated hos location and used dogs to force him out of hiding:
"He was pretty cold, and I'm sure that had something to do with it," State Police Lt. Gerald Lewis said.
More information has emerged of the shootout further suggesting the shooting was a case of 'friendly fire'. Pedro Ruiz, special agent in charge of the FBI's Newark office, said the suspects were heavily armed, carrying assault rifles and a handgun. The officer says when confronted by the FBI agents, the men never fired. It is unknown how many shots were fired by the agents not what may have prompted them to start shooting. The matter is now under investigation by the FBI's agency's Inspection Division.