The Wood Oven Builder's Slide Show

Posted Apr 5, 2007 by Michelle Duffy

A wood outdoor oven, which had taken six years to build has now been fired up since it's completion. Here is a series of short slides taking the viewer through the construction of the build
Six years in the making, is enough for this to be posted. Since being built by bare hands over an extraordinary length of time, this oven now makes fantastic bread, pizza, roast dishes and just about everything else you would expect from a conventional oven.
The completion of the oven still needs vital finishing touches, but works just as well right now.
It was built from a design by a man called Alan Scoot who authored the book, 'The Bread Builders.' It is a reader who has put this design to the test by building it himself.
Scott is also the owner of the company, 'Ovencrafters.'
This film is still fascinating to watch as anything is when it is built by hand, from scratch.