British sailors leave Iran

Posted Apr 5, 2007 by Jishpar

The 15 british sailors who were captured around two weeks back in Iran boarded a British Airways flight to London.
The British crew entered Tehran's Mehrabad International Airport in a convoy of cars escorted by the elite Revolutionary Guards.
It seems to be a secret deal with Iran behind this release. Anyhow this news led to big celebrations in their home country, Britain.
"Well we have been glued to the television all day today because we knew that he (Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad) was going to make a speech but we had no idea what the outcome was going to be, and when we heard I think I fell on the floor," said Alison Carman, mother of Lt Felix Carman.
"It was an astonishing moment," said Paul Carman, father of Lt Felix Carman.
Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad said he is going to give a gift to Britain by forgiving sailors seized off the Shatt al-Arab waterway on March 23, even though Britain was not "brave enough" to admit they had strayed into Iranian territory
"This was a great example, especially for the West that proves the Iranian nation stands strong and never gives up its rights," said Ali Najafi, a resident of Tehran.
British Prime Minister, Tony Blair, announced in London that he is feeling very peaceful after a very soft end of the 13-day crisis, telling the Iranian people that "we bear you no ill will."
The crisis had raised oil prices and fears of military conflict in the volatile region.
This is a very happy news for me personally too. I was eagerly waiting for this. Hope they enjoy this day.