19 year old dies from caffeine overdose

Posted Apr 4, 2007 by shally_316

A 19 year old died from taking too many caffeine pills.
19year old James Stone died after consuming 25 to 30 No-Doz caffeine pills to stay awake and alert.
Shortly before James died he told his parents he had to go to the bathroom where he went into cardiac arrest. His parents then found him on the bathroom floor.
James had taken more than the recommended amount (one pill every few hours) without knowing there would be a fatal effect. The amount of pills James took was the same as drinking 30 cups of coffee. The high amount of caffeine was deadly to his system.
“I just want to make everyone aware that it can kill you, especially if you overdo it” said James father
The medical examiner is seeing Stone’s death as an accidental overdose and agrees that the pills should come with a warning lebel.