Fired Employee Takes Hostages At Nursing Home

Posted Apr 4, 2007 by malan

A nursing home employee that had recently been fired returned to the nursing home and took four hostages, holding them at gunpoint. 27-Year old Ernie Smith had just been fired last Friday.
The hostages were released throughout the standoff, the first through negotiations with police and the rest when Smith gave himself up.
The son of a resident of the nursing home said he talked to a nurse in the home that was being held at gunpoint, the gunman had the gun in her face.
Smith had only worked at the home for 3 months and to the other employees he seemed to be a normal, nice guy. Smith's own mother said her son went back to the facility "because he wanted the whole wide world to know how he had been mistreated on the job."
He told his mother that he did not want to hurt anyone. His own nephew was actually one that convinced him to surrender.
This could have really gone bad, especially with the residents being older people. The scare and added excitement could have started a domino heart attack effect.