Poo-flinging teacher admits guilt

Posted Apr 4, 2007 by malan

A 49-year old elementary school principal in Canada got into an argument of some sorts with a grade school boy that resulted in the principal throwing excrement at him.
Currently details around the exact circumstances that led up to the principal actually throwing the excrement and where it came from exactly are fuzzy as investigators try to keep the boys identity private due to his young age. They claim that any details about the incident may give away who the boy is because he is so 'unique'.
49-year-old Maria Pantalone admitted throwing poo at the boy and said her in her defense that she had been under alot of stress at the time and was quoted saying "I couldn't take it any more."
Pantalone is mostly likely going to lose her job over the incident but will not have a criminal record. I'm not sure what kind of charge she would receive anyway, I'm sure they'd have to open the books to look that one up.
How do you get so stressed you throw POO at a little boy at your work? This is gross, crazy aaand kind of funny.