Anna Nicole Smith's Boy Toy Owes Lawyer $620,000

Posted Apr 2, 2007 by Lisa Angotti is reporting that Larry Birkhead, one of the possible baby's daddys of Anna Nicole's daughter, got an unwelcome Fed Ex Saturday.
And you think you cringe when you open your bills. Fed Ex dropped off a 121-page packet for Larry Birkhead on Saturday that included a bill for $620,492 from his ex-lawyer Debri Opri.
Birkhead owes Opri's for her billable rate of $475 per hour, in addition to numerous other expenses including:
$9500 in travel NYC to LA to and from 20/20 interview
$9500 for going to Anna's funeral, though Birkhead asked her not to attend
$4500 for Opri's publicist
$4500 for travel from Bahamas to LA
$4265 for cell phone roaming from the Bahamas
$2467 for dinner, Birkhead not even there
$1116.16 for another dinner in Nassau. Again, Birkhead not there
$600 for yet another (lobster) dinner
$211 for groceries
$161 for a steak dinner, including a $50 tip. Birkhead not there
18 separate bills for limo service
And get this....$25.75 for laundry service for Opri's husband!
But being the kind woman Opri is, she offered Birkhead a break. If he accepts immediately, Birkhead can pay only $511,365.09 instead of the original $620k.
Opri wrote, "I'm still willing to accept the discounted billing at this time, but only without further discussion."
What a gal! What a guy! What a CIRCUS!