How to Buy Votes in American Congress

Posted Mar 31, 2007 by Samantha A. Torrence

Senators and Congressmen alike are attracted to Emergency Spending Bills like a moth to the flame. IT means time to buy votes, or the familiar adage I'll scratch your back if you scratch mine.
An Emergency spending bill introduced into the house and senate has caused a lot of stir in America. So far it has passed through the house and the senate each section of Congress adding what is popularly known as pork. Pork, or ear marks, are addons to bills that may have absolutely nothing to do with the main topic. When these ear marks are added onto an Emergency Spending Bill, they are not contested. Pork is used to buy votes plain and simple. Citizens Against Government Waste (CAGW), was formed for the specific purpose of bringing this wasteful and unsavory practice to light. The group did uncover what earmarks were put on, but congress refuses to let the American Public know who proposed the pork!
The current Emergency spending bill has two purposes, to fund the troops in Iraq with a deadline for with drawl and to serve as a scratching post for the cats on Capitol Hill. Bush has said he will Veto the bill if there is a time line for with drawl or too much spending associated with the bill. Thomas Schatz the founder of CAGW, urges everyone whether they agree with the war or not, to speak up and not support this bill.
In the attached PDF you will see a breakdown of an added 38 billion dollars of earmarks to accompany the 103 billion for war funding.
The only one related to the war is the 2 million for Uganda Peace process. A little known fact that Uganda has aided the US with troops in Iraq.
What do they think on the Hill, that Americans are stupid? Think again. Many people are enraged by this needless spending of our tax dollars despite "earmark reform" and the promise of Nancy Pelosi and other Democrats that they would curb government spending. These porkers will be turned out of the barn in the next election for their flagrant abuse of American Funds.