UK: 15 'ambushed' in Iraqi waters

Posted Mar 28, 2007 by Jishpar

Britain's Ministry of Defence said they found through a Satellite tracking data which shows a 15 british military group were captured by Iran last Friday
They could also see the boat carrying the Britons was "clearly" 1.7 nautical miles (3.1 kilometers) inside Iraqi waters and surrendered by Iranina forces.
"Britain says Iran's detention of the eight Royal Navy sailors and seven Royal Marines, who were conducting a routine inspection of a merchant vessel at the northern end of the Persian Gulf, is illegal and is demanding their release."
UK governement is demanding with PM Tony Blair to make arrangements for immediate release of the 15 service personnel. He also said they should pressure Iran to release the group.
Blair said he is just bothered of there service people and there family members and their safe return is our paramount concern.
"Those personnel were patrolling in Iraqi waters under a United Nations mandate. Their boarding and checking of the Indian merchant vessel was routine."
The British government was contacting with the Iranian ambasaador since five days to repeat demands for the captives to be released.