Donnie Osmond Back On Television

Posted Mar 27, 2007 by kaleigh2u

ABC has announced Donnie Osmond will host a new show called "The Great American Dream Vote". The show will premier Tuesday at 10pm on ABC and then move to a regular time slot on Wednesday.
The last time Donnie Osmond was back in th ABC studio was 30 years ago when he hosted "The Donnie & Marie Show". This new show is live and features people in the audience telling what their "American Dream" is, from there a winner is picked each week and they get to experience that dream.
People submit their home videos stating why they should be picked to have their dream come true and they are viewed by the audience and weeded down to two who will then plead with the studio audience on why they should be the one choosen to have their dream come true.
The first episode is about a fireman who's wife gave up her dream so he could pursue his. She has always wanted to have her own flower shop so the guy now wants to open a flower shop for his wife. There is also a 23 year old who lost all his hair at the age of 16 and wants to 'regain his youth" by getting his hair back.
Donnie himself says he has just had his own dream come true. His latest album "which was released in the U.K went gold there". Dreams that they will not be fullfiling inlude giving money away and surgeries.