South Korea Says It Cloned Two Endangered Wolves

Posted Mar 26, 2007 by Lisa Angotti

The wolf clones "may provide a breathrough in increasing the number of endangered species," Veteranary professor Lee Byung-Chun said.
South Korean scientists announced Monday that it has successfully cloned two endangered wolves named Snuwolf (Seoul National University wolf) and Snuwolffy. Veteranary professors Lee Byung-Chun and Shin Nam-Shik at Seoul National University confirm the wolves were born in October 2005 and are dong fine.
The report can soon be found in the scientific journal, Cloning and Stem Cells. The world's first cloned dog, Snuppy, was born in early 2005 under some of the same team members responsible for the wolf clones.
That team was led by now disgraced expert Hwang Woo-Suk. The team released research to science journals last year, but their reports were discarded because Hwang was associated with them.
Hwang was deemed a scientific hero until some of his work on cloning was exposed as fake.