Many American Blacks Are Converting To Sunni Muslim

Posted Mar 24, 2007 by timmack

Bless you brother from the Judeo-Christian community is no longer enough for many downtrodden black Americans who now demand more than just prayers and blessings.
The irony of 911 has been that it has brought the Sunni Muslim community together with the black American communities. Before 911, the more well to do Sunni Muslims were treated much better than black Americans on average.
But, all that changed after it was announced that 19 of the 911 day group were Sunni Muslims from Saudi Arabia. Suddenly, the Sunni Muslims understood what it was like to be discriminated against.
So, since that day, the Sunni Muslims have embraced the black American community, and have not only opened their mosques to them, but have also ofered support to help them with urgently needed day care for working mothers.
The Sunni Muslims have also developed extensive programs for black Americans after they are released from prison. And they've been very active in getting black Americans off drug and alcohol problems.
In New York City's Harlem community, the Sunni Muslims have been active in building homes and apartments for black Americans that would otherwise not be able to afford today's steep real estate prices, and would face the prospect of losing their ethnic home to gentrification.
While prayer and blessings are always wonderful to get, the Judeo-Christian community now risks totally losing the black American community forever in America, unless more is done than just lip service, prayers and blessings.
I can only hope that this article will be a wake up call to all. And yes, I know no one really wants to talk about this. But talk we must.