PS3 is no different to selling Mcdonalds Hamburger, Cost of Living High in UK

Posted Mar 24, 2007 by guj_*

Ready for launch.
The Sony UK boss in a recent interview stated that the high cost of living in the UK equates to a further barrier for them in getting the product to the market place. He said it was no different to selling a cup of Starbucks coffee or a Mcdonalds hamburger in terms of pricing differences. He was also quizzed about the rocky launch the PS3 seems to have had, while admitting it did have some issues, he pointed towards mis-information flying around online thanks due to in part to an increase in blogs.
"Nowadays, with how the media works, not only does information fly around at the speed of light, so does mis-information. With blogs on the increase, people's thought processes are transferred from one place to another and picked up by people who might be lazy when it comes to finding out whether something is true or not. The old adage of never let the truth get in the way of a good story is probably more prevalent than it has been before."