Anna Nicole Smith's diaries auctioned

Posted Mar 24, 2007 by Jishpar

Her own thoughts wrote as a diary were auctioned on thursday.
One of the book was bought German businessman for more than $500,000. She wrote her thoughts about sex and partying and her dead cat .
The late Playboy model's handwritten 1992 diary was sold for $282,500 and her 1994 diary went for $230,000 in an eBay auction .
We can feel what do they do buying with so much of cost. It is been told that the buyers would sell different news to different media and encash double than this.
The "soap opera value" of the 15-year-old information could be worth more than $1 million alone, including the rights to publish photos of the pages, which contain numerous misspellings, Riccio said.