Blood sugar 'boosts cancer risk'

Posted Mar 21, 2007 by Jishpar

European scientist study say women with high blood sugar levels are at an increased risk of developing cancer
Sweden scientist has observed 64,500 women and found that there is a link in raising of blood sugar with pancreas, skin, womb, and urinary tract cancers in women. Diabetes causes high blood sugar, as does eating too much sugary food.
They also said that it is not 100% confirmed that only these links are related to blood sugar more over high fat diet leads to breast cancer. The research found women in the top 25% range of blood sugar readings after fasting had a 26% higher chance of developing cancer.
They also found the increase of age leads to increase of hyperglycaemia in the body.
So, it is necessary to take good and better diet to improve our health and to prevent diabetes and breast cancer.