Spiders. They're out to get you...

Posted Mar 18, 2007 by archangelG

You would think so as well, if you were in my shoes. Heres a story about how it could have easily been me. (shudder)
Right. It was a good few years ago, but i was working as a chef at the time, in a pub style environment.
One week, i saw a friend i hadn't seen for a while. He asked me if i was ok, and if i had recovered after being bitten by a spider. He said he had heard about it on the news, and that hearing my name, was concerned when i had been bitten by a deadly spider at work in my kitchen.
Oddly enough, i didnt remember anything about it. There must have been a mixup somewhere. Indeed i wasn't fond of spiders, but i hadnt seen a spider in months, especially not at work.
Leaving it to the miracle of coincidence, i forgot about it. Then, just now whilst reflecting on my cheffing days (i just posted an article about a wine sauce recipe), i came accross the article about the above said incident.
A chef, in the somerset area of england, was taking his deliveries, when he was bitten by a venomous spider hidden therein. He was my age, working as a chef, and heres the clinch. His name was "Matthew Stevens". Oddly enough, my name is Matthew Stevenson, i was working as a chef, and generally not fond of big hairy spiders. The only difference being, this chef was in a different part of the country.
I was working that day and had deliveries. It does make you wonder.
At this point, a general conincidental thought of "they're out to get me" crossed my mind.
Sppoky eh? (shudder).