Plan to save the Dead Sea

Posted Mar 18, 2007 by katangel88

The Dead Sea, famous for its therapeutic minerals and for the way people float in it like corks, is evaporating away, its surface level dropping by nearly a metre a year.
Fresh water from the Jordan River replenishes it at less than 1/20th the rate of a few decades ago; the rest goes to growing populations of Israelis, Jordanians and Palestinians.
Apparently, the sea won't actually disappear altogether, but will drop about 100 metres lower than it is at the moment. But this is only according to study and can't be completely right.
Last week, Israel's government upgraded the "Peace Corridor," a plan dreamed up by Shimon Peres, Israel's deputy prime minister, to a "national project," meaning it will face fewer bureaucratic hurdles.
Precautions are being made with the red sea. Water is being brought in from there, but some of that water will be used for energy.
Hopefully the world's lowest sea won't disappear, but nobody can ever know for sure.